Why Us?



We believe in the utmost clean and sterile environment for our customers. We use a medical grade Autoclave to sterize our tools!

Jet breed bacteria!!! Boutique pedicure tubs have NO jets, so the water is fresh and clean for each service.
Stainless-steel foot files VS pumice stones. Pumice stones are porous and more likely collect bacteria.




High End Products

We only use the top of the line products on your nails.  This includes brands like OPI, Essie, Bio Seaweed, and more.  Also, we use spa level skin products that leave your skin feeling smooth and silky.





Spa Environment

When you walk in to our store, you will be welcomed to a beautiful and relaxing environment.  Our staff will pamper you and ensure you are treated like royalty.  We offer complimentary water and wine!